Network Design, Support & Maintenance

IT Support
Cloud Service & Data Backup

We can set up and maintain your business’s network, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. Our IT staff is on-call 24/7 to maintain your computer network.

We can work with a range of networks, from small business to international, enterprise-level designs.

We are available to help with daily problems, setting up new workstations, or dealing with software vendors. We tackle IT support issues including spam filtering and e-mail archiving, printer and network connectivity issues, phone set-up and voicemail problems, and even assisting with software application or office phone and computer hardware choices.

We will work with you to figure out what belongs in the cloud…and what doesn’t. We can assist with insourcing cloud services which are not performing adequately or are simply not cost-effective. Our IT staff can develop and implement a plan, specific to your needs, to backup your data safely and securely so you can run your business with peace of mind.

The Right Plan to Fit Your Organization

Total Managed Services

One or two users per workstation,  and up to three servers. Includes anti-virus. One Office 365 subscription per workstation and projects up to 40 hours included.

Standard Managed Services

One or two users per workstation, does not include projects of over 5 hours, limit 3 servers/server VMs, includes anti-virus  

Simple Managed Services

This plan is for organizations with no in-house servers. Anti-virus included.

Hourly Services

If you have internal IT, but they need help occasionally, or you’re just not ready to go with a managed services plan, we can assist you on an hourly basis for either basic or advanced tasks.